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3:40 AM, 1st Villain Island western airfield

The Villain Republic and Mandark Industries have built a special bomber for a very important mission approved by Father and the Villain Commanders to commence operation Thunder. The giant 6 engine bomber was set to carry a top secret weapon to be sent into the Ally mainland. The crew and its flight leader captain Walter were having their flight briefing for the mission and preparing their aircraft. The Bomber will be followed by two other bomber for aerial Recon and cover. The crew was also swore to their life to complete the mission in order to move on to their next plan.

"Gentleman, you're mission today came straight from our leader himself, you will be give 3 targets by choice to deploy the weapon, Townsville, Dimsdale, Springfield, youre task is to deploy the weapon and return back to the base as quickly as possible." said the commander, "You will be escorted with 2 other planes, they will escort you're tri, one will be the weather plane and the other will record the mission flight. This mission will be crucial in order to turn the tide of this long war you will only have one chance to do this mission, its up to you gentleman to finish the job and good luck out there"

"YES SIR!" said the crew and saluted

4:00 AM Soon the whistle was blown and the bomber crew ran toward their planes. Captain walter checks the controls and equipment and ready to go. all 6 engines roared on the tarmac and revving to go, the crew gets into their position as their about to take off. As the bomber taxis to the runway they knew that there is no turning back as the mission is already commenced.

"This is payback for the chilly dog raid" said Captain Walter
The pushed the throttle and the bomber quickly rushed through the runway and slowly took off from the airfield, following them are the two escort aircraft from behind taking off from the runway behind the main bomber. Now they will have to fly for 5 hours to their target as they saw the moon soon fades out and the sun is about to rise all they can think of is finishing the mission and hopefully returning back home safely.

9:30 AM
Meanwhile somewhere on the South Ocean Gap, the weather was clear and sunny and the ocean was clear, a naval convoy of transport ships en route to Central Union carrying some of the injured from the 1st Villain Island. Escorting them were the Powerpuff Girls from CN territory ordered by President Dexter as they were short of ships to defend the convoy.

"I cant believe we came all the way here to baby sit a few ships" said Buttercup

"Orders came from Dexter, we can't really deny his orders" said Blossom, "In the mean time at least we can bring the troops back home safely"

"But look around there's nothing here to fight with, just water and more water ahead" Buttercup replied

Suddenly they saw an object coming out of the surface ahead of them, "WOAH A SUB! time for action!" said Buttercup

"Buttercup wait!" said blossom, as they saw what was ahead of them was just a couple of whales snorting out their blowhole and sumbmerged.

"Weee a whale!" giggled Bubbles

"urgh this is getting nowhere" said Buttercup, "I'd rather go back, blossom?"

Suddenly she saw blossom looking into the other direction looking emotionless, "Hey are you alright?"

"Something seems wrong, I don't know what but I have a feeling we gotta go back to Townsville" said Blossom

"Really?! I mean I don't know Dexter's orders" said Buttercup

"Bubbles keep and eye on the ships we'll back to check on the city, buttercup you're coming along"

"Finally, going back home"

And they quickly flew away from the convoy and into the sky above.

On the other side just a few miles from the coast of the CN territory, the bombers are closing in to the mainland. The decided to drop the weapon to the City of Townsville, the closest target that they can find so far. with a clear view ahead of them and manage to avoid the radar range they were confident that they can finish off this mission with ease.

"Arm the bomb, we'll be above the target in less than half an hour" said captain walter to the crew, the bomb had to be manually armed in the bomb bay to activate the timer. "Gunners to position, we dont want any enemy fighters from getting into our way"

"yes sir!" said the crew

Just on the coast of the mainland, in the city of Townsville, the city was still safe from most of the threats of the war. The people in the city did not worry much about the troubles that the villains sent to the city due to the fact that the Power Puff Girls has been guarding the city from the beginning of the war. Recently few batch of the national guard sent by Dexter were placed into the city due to the recent events and awaiting for an incoming invasion from the Villains and to protect the city from the bombing raids.

On the Utonium residence, professor Utonium was on his lab down in the basement trying to fix several prototype weapons and defenses to be delivered to President Dexter.

"Almost there" he said as he was fiddling with one of his prototypes, "Got it, oh boy hopefully I can get my share for the war effort" said Utonium

without knowing that the dangers were just seconds away, no one in the city spot the incoming bomber right above the sky. A coastal radar operator on the coast of the city spot an unknown object coming to the city. The guard sounds the emergency alarm in the city as the incoming object moving towards the city. The people heard the alarm and quickly run for an underground bunker or shelters that they can find.

"another one?" asked Utonium, "No worries, have to finish up the work"

The anti-aircraft crew watches above for the incoming object, with all the guns ready they were anxious for an attack.

"CONTACT 11 O clock high!" said the Gun crew

"Hold it!" said the commander

They only saw one aircraft flying above them without a single bomb dropped. They noticed that it might be a weather plane or a reconnaissance flying over the city. The guard calls for a flase alarm and called everyone out as it was safe, or will it be safe?

"All clear for the mission captain!" said the weather plane on the radio

"Good, time for us to move" said captain walters, "strap up gentleman this is gonna get ugly", the main bomber quickly went full throttle towards the coastline.

On the ground the radar operator spots another objects above them, but the commander doubts that it might be another weather plane so no alarm was raised as the 2nd object flies closer into the city. The bomber drew closer ans closer into the mainland with ease and open to drop their weapon.The bombardier jumps to the bomb sight and check for the place to drop on downtown Townsville.

"Into target eta 3 minutes" said the bombardier

Not far from them Bubbles and Buttercup were closing into the city, the flew as fast as they can but the bomber was already right above the city. The bombardier armed and ready the weapons to drop and the bomb bay doors are open.

"dropping, in 5





ZERO!" he clicks the trigger and the bomb was released, "Lets get outta here!" said Captain walters and he pull the plane away form the target and away from the bomb.

Blossom and Buttercup jsut entered the city but they saw the bomber left in a hurry, "Now why are they going away..." said Buttercup, blossom spots a bomb closing to the ground, "Buttercup the bom.."

Suddenly a big flash of light blew from the downtown of the city of Townsville, it create a massive shockwaves that pushed blossom and buttercup with so much force. The city trembles and turned into rubble, professor utonium saw and felt the bomb from his lab int he basement suddenly the massive smoke cloud burst through his small windows. But the girls were shocked to see what the Villains brought to the city and they were too late to save them, the puff of mushroom cloud spew from the ground and to the sky above and saw the villain's "Frosting Bomb" froze the city and turned it into a cold rubble wasteland.

with anger Blossom suddenly flew towards the bomber, "wait up!" said Buttercup as she follows from behind.

On the Bomber, the crew was shocked, and afraid of what they've sent to the mainland. The camera plane was nearly damaged by the bomb but was still able to capture the mission successfully.

"mission completed now lets head home" said Walters

Suddenly one of the escort bomber exploded in midair and fell towards the ground below.

"Were under attack!, GUNNERS TO POSITION!" said Captain Walters, then the camera plane suddenly exploded and also fell to the ground. The cockpit gunner spots the obejct above them furiously firing lasers at them and coming towards them at full speed. The Gunners furiously fought back but they can't seem to take out the incoming boogies.

"Oh no I'm not going back there again!" said Walter as he tries to evade the incoming boogies.

Blossom and Buttercup dodged the hail of bullets from the bomber and fought back with their lasers. Blossom with her full might did the unthinkable, she picks up speed and quickly flew to the bomber like a rocket.

"This is for Townsville!" said Blossom as she rams the fuselage bomber and split it into 2, the bomber quickly loose control and fell to the ocean below. without a single crew bailing out from the bomber, captain walters ordered the crew to stay in the bomber in order to avoid capture.

"this is it boys" said Captain walters as the plane plummets to the ground and destroyed by the ocean waters.

Blossom check for any survivors from the crash but no one came out alive from that fall.

"Blossom we gotta go back" said Buttercup

"Alright" said Blossom, "I cant believe we failed"

Back in the cold rubles or Townsville, professor Utonium finally woke up see that his lab was messy and partially destroyed.

"What happened?" he said as he tries to wake up from the floor, he looked around and went towards the door to the house. He was stunned to see that half of his house was flat tot he ground and he felt quite cold that he knew that it was not winter season. He slowly walked out to the front yard and to the street as he saw on his eyes like nightmare came to real life. The city was completely destroyed to the ground and froze almost everyone near the blast zone.

Hours later, the news came across the mainland, calling it the Townsville Bomb, the news spreads across the CN territory and its allies like wildfire and saw the city in complete rubble. On the convoy Bubbles watched the news with tears in her eyes to see that Townsville was flattened to the ground she quickly flew away from the convoy without a moment too soon. President Dexter was furious to see how the bomber manage to pass their own  defenses and he regret heavily for sending the powerpuff girls away to another mission far from their home.

"How bad is it?" asked President dexter

"Most of the people are frozen by the frosting bomb it will be ages to defrost all of them and getting them out of the blast zone" said General Ben, "The mayor is in the Hospital and he's not taking this one very well"

"Not long ago we had a chance to stop the Villain's and now their pointing their heavy weapons at us" said Dexter, "They might still have more of those weapons ready to strike us again, or even at this very moment"

"We already pull all the fighters to defend our coast lines and getting our fleet to patrol the Ocean gap" said General Ben

"and our own weapon to strike back will be done hopefully by the end of this month" said Dexter, "Only time will tell if we can push the tide"

On that night a KND patrol plane flew across the ocean gap for any enemy ships. They have been circling the ocean for hours and spot nothing below.

"seen anything?" said numbuh 88

"Nu uh, nothing down there, just water and more water" said Numbuh 89

But right below was a fleet of nearly 100 ships under night camoflauge and sailing towards the Nickelodeon and CN territory. The fleet managed to cross the allied ships patroling the ocean gaps and their next target to strike will be the MAINLAND.
 Few days after the 1st Island counter attack, Father launched its own attack to the mainland to give a warning to the allied toon nations. The weapon was to be dropped at specific targets in the mainland and this mission is essential to Father's next move to attack the allied toon nations

Disclaimer: all characters belong to their rightful creators, animators and producers

Enjoy :D :D :D
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