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Gravity Falls: Night Terrors by K-El-Amrani

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I've wandering in and out of DA but yet eventough I wanted to submit a work I just ran out of ideas what to make or give. I've been rather busy with work in college, and with other lifes as well. But I really want to go back writing the fanfic as well, it will take time and the strength to actually come back writing again..... I really hope so
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The New front door monument by Enrico1946
The New front door monument
When I came across the museum recently they have placed this magnificent locomotive right on the entrance like it was just been made yesterday 
B2502 by Enrico1946
So last month I cam back to the Ambarawa Railway Museum in Central java as recently they have restored another steam locomotive in the museum. But this right here is the oldest yet the few working and surviving locomotive in Indonesia. The B2502 was both for freight and passenger service since the Dutch Colonial era railroad. It only use wood as fuel so at this moment is quite expensive to get. Until to day it runs as a Tourist train climbing the hills and valleys of Ambarawa with its special center gear below to help moving up the hill 
I havent been here for quite awhile because recently i got in to Shenyang Aerospace University in Shenyang, Liaoning, China. So last week i have been busy flying all the way to Indonesia and all  the way up north to the city of Shenyang. Next will be unpacking and registering so hopefully i can get into class very soonnn.......
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" *** Radio static ***

My fellow soldiers of the Cartoon Network Territory and for our allies out there fighting the  forces of the Villains and keeping our homes safe. We have been fighting the villains since the very beginning of this glorious nation until the very end. A promise to keep us standing strong and proud until no matter the cost. We are all with you right now together we will finish this and move towards victory. This is President Dexter speaking from the Capital, and good luck ladies and gentleman   *** end transmission ***"

Several months ago the ally territory made an invasion on the beach head of the Villain 2nd Island. However the invasion was drastically falling into failure as the Villain has unleashed its ultimate weapon to defend the island. 7 gigantic tanks called 'The Beast' bombarded the beach head and the naval fleet backing up the ally troops. The air forces were also defeated by the the new and fast rammer jets, it smashed and rammed into the bomber formation and obliterating many of the heavy bombers in the area. The Ally generals ordered them to fall back to the fleet and abandon the beach head as fast as possible. At the mean time the Villains also invaded their first island by air and by sea, the large number of Villain troops on the island forced the Ally troops to fall back to the west of the island and abandoning the capital of the 1st island. The attack did not stop there as the Villain punched ahead and pushing the troops out of the 1st Villain island and re-taking their first island. The Anime Territory left the conflict and deciding that they will stay neutral after the Villain's took over their 1st island.

On this particular day high above the ocean gap, a flight of 60 B-36 bombers were flying towards the 1st Villain island from the CN territory and Central Union. Many of the bombers were modified as a troop carrier carrying more than 60+ troops and air dropped supply and vehicles from the mainland. In one of the bombers Double D and the B company awaited as the plane flies to the island. They were worn out since the defeat at the 2nd D-day.

"Hey sockhead wake up" said Eddy, "Were almost there"

"I don't see any land there Eddy?" said Ed

"Well we were told that were almost there" said Eddy

Then Irwin saw the coastline on the window, "Well their right yo"

"I'm still wondering why we have to go back to this island" said Double D

Suddenly the plane began to rattle and shaken, they felt the tremble became heavier as the plane enter the island. Some of the crew of the aircraft ran here and there, "Excuse whats going on?" asked Double D to the aircraft crew, "Radar spot fighters inbound, I guess you guys are coming down early" said the aircraft crew

On the cockpit Numbuh 2 and Numbuh 1 were struggling to keep the aircraft on a steady position from the AA guns. Suddenly they spot the enemy fighters ahead of them.

"FIGHTERS DEAD AHEAD!" said Numbuh 2

"All gunners to your position!" said Numbuh 1,

"Strap up this is gonna get ugly" said Numbuh 2

As the fighters got closer tot he bombers the gunners aimed their turrets on the fighters.


The guns were bursting across the air as they try to shoot down the enemy fighters. But the gunners were not able to shoot down any of the fighters.

"Alright its time for the drop" said Numbuh 2, "Good luck fellas"

The light turned green and the troops stood up for the drop. One of the officers opened the door hatch for the drop, "Alright we got one shot for this so make it count!" said Rolf, "Now lets jump!"

One by one the troops jumped out of the plane and through the heavy flaks and AA fire with a side of the incoming fighters around them.

"HIPPEEEKAAYYEEEE!!!!!!" shouted Ed as he dropped out of the bomber, hundred of soldiers and equipment quickly dropped and parachuted out of the aircrafts as the flaks and AA guns fired across the air. They could only saw vast green are filled with trees and bushes on the ground.

"Oh dear, oh dear , oh dear" said Double D as he saw the ground below,

"LOOK OUT!!!!!!!" shouted Eddy, Double D turned around and saw a fighter flew quickly towards him. Double D quickly reacted as he pulled his leg up, nearly sliced by the incoming fighter.

"That was too close!" said Double D, "Boy that must have been scary" said Eddy looking at Double D

On the ground the troops quickly landed and detach their chutes, as Private Irwin began his descent he landed on the top of a tree and his chute got stuck on the branch.

"Oh you gotta be kidding me yo!" said Irwin, "He took his small knife and quickly cuts the rope one by one. As he was going to cut his last rope, the weight pulls him down and the rop snapped.

"*THUMP* ouuuwwwww.."

Meanwhile the Eds are walking towards a nearby AA gun position and bunker, they saw several guards and 2 MG positions around the bunker entrance.

"Alright, Ed I need you to aim for those machine gun points and give us some cover, Eddy and I will take out the MG position from the back, Eddy take a grenade and take out the left position" Double D explained

"Got it" said Eddy

"Alright the rest of you give us some cover" Double D explained, "here goes nothing, lets move"

Ed with his M1919 watches the guarding MG position with the rest of the B Company while Eddy and Double D quietly moves around the entrance. He moves across behind the bushes as he wait for the worse to happen. Then Double D went stood just a few meters behind the machine gun position.

"Double D I'm right behind the gun" said Eddy on the radio

"Alright wait for my signal" said Double D, but as he took out his glue grenade one of the passing guard stepped up in the front of him looking stunned. Just before the guard shouted for the alarm he toss the grenade and ran.

"ALAR.....!!!!" shouted the guard but the grenade exploded, Eddy toss his grenade and also ran, "Alright thats it light it up!!!" said Eddy.

Ed pulled the trigger and his M1919 burst rapidly on the Villain troops, the villain troops were stunned and the guns starts blazing across the entrance. The rest of the B Company troops joined in eliminating the AA gun and the rest of the guards.

"That takes care of that" said Billy,

"Not yet" Double D replied as he saw the bunker entrance, "There's an underground path here, we can find their command station from here"

"Well lets hurry this up" said Eddy

The troops then entered the bunker entrance and saw a vas and long tunneling just underground. Then Double D could hear a chattering from the distance, he stopped the troops and told em to to hide as he reach an intersection. They saw the villain troops just passing by as they hide on the dark corners of the tunnel.

"Alright its clear" said Double D, they continue on ahead. As they run across the tunnel suddenly Irwin tripped and his rifle fired a loud shot across the tunnel.

"Ummmm Oooops" said Irwin, they heard shouts and loud foot steps, "C'mon we got no time to loose"

Then the Alarm was raised, they ran across the tunnel, they spot some of the Villain troops guarding every corner they have no other choice but to fight them through. Ed furiously fired his machine gun even while he was running across the tunnel, Double D scans for a way to the command bunker.

"Over there just take another turn!" said Double D

Then as they make the turn they saw a large cave filled with the Villain troops and commanders from the entry above. They saw several tents which they assume filled with intel.

"alright capture any intel or information you got in this bunker" said Double D

"Uhm I can hear em from coming from behind us yo!" said Irwin

"well lets go get em!" said Eddy as he charges through with his thompsons SMG. The B Company with a just a few men against the main Villain battalion. They fire every round they got on their gun and moved around the cave to get to the tents. The villain commanders quickly ran to the tents and called for help from above.

"HELLO, THIS IS POST 35 WERE UNDER ATTACK I REPEAT WERE UNDER ATTACK!!!" said the commander in the tent,

"Sir they getting closer!" said the Villain soldier, the commander took his bag and pack all the papers and documents as quickly as possible. But as he finished packing, Double D and Eddy entered the tent,

"FREEEZEEE!" they both shouted, the commander points his sidearm. "STAND WHERE YOU ARE!" said Double D

Then the commander light up a match and set his bag on fire along with the document. Double D and Eddy was stunned that he burned the remaining document.

"WHY I OUGHTTA!!!" said Eddy as he pushed the commander to the ground, "Alright wise guy whats in the pack?!"

"YOU FOOLS!" said the commander, "you think you're going to win that easily, Father will go full force againsts everyone on his path, starting you! He hits Eddy and ran for a self destruct button"

"T minus 1 minute for self destruct" said the announcer

"well I'll see you soon" said the commander as he jumps to a motorcycle and ride away from the cave.

"Blast! we gotta go Eddy!" said Double D, "EVERYBODY OUT!!!!!!!"

The rest of the B-company quickly ran back to the tunnels, they ran as fast as they can but they couldn't see wheres the exist.

"Were running out of time" said Double D

*T minus 20 seconds

"THERE DOUBLE D!" shouted Ed as he saw light on the distance.

"C'mon were gonna make it!" said Eddy

*T minus 10 seconds






The rest of the troops came out only Double D remaining behind





Then a chain reaction of explosion burst through on the tunnel, Double D saw the explosion behind him, he quickly dropped his rifle and back pack and continue running towards the exit.

"LETS GO DOUBLE D!!!!" shouted Ed but the flames kept charging towards Double D. As he nearly reach the exist the explosion from behind pushed him from behind and tossed Double D out of the exit. Double D then felt blurred and shocked, then slowly he became unconscious and he have multiple burns behind his back. he could only hear a few chatter from his comrade and his best friend. He saw Billy was calling help from the radio while Ed tries to "revive" him from the dead.

"He's not dead idiot!" shouted Eddy

as he closes his eyes a few seconds later he can hear a helicopter coming towards them, he could  see through his blurry vision a few medic and KND operatives carried a stretcher and brought him to the helicopter. All he can think of id Double D's mind is going back home and seeing Marie once again.......
Rewinding back to the years of the Great Cartoon War, the Ally have failed to conquers the beaches of the 2nd Villain Island and the Villains has manage to reconquer their 1st Island from the Ally forces. On this very day the joint air dropped invasion with the CN territory, Nickelodeon Territory and Central Union was made to reconquer the west side of the 1st island. for Double D's B-company he manage to find an underground bunker containing an intel that might be important for the Ally forces.......


the characters belongs to their rightful owners, creators and animators

I've wandering in and out of DA but yet eventough I wanted to submit a work I just ran out of ideas what to make or give. I've been rather busy with work in college, and with other lifes as well. But I really want to go back writing the fanfic as well, it will take time and the strength to actually come back writing again..... I really hope so
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I am fond of writing literature that involves with history and a big fan of ideas from alternate history and war secrets (Especially secret weapons). With secret weapons also an Aviation freak and a railfan :) :) especially those from the 20th century tech.


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